Food and Lifestyle 

Food is one of life's greatest joys, and we truly know how to celebrate this art form. In The KBP you can dine to your hearts content from a vast choice of eateries. or take a more leisurely approach with range of fine culinary experiences peppered throughout the Center. The KBP caters to every palette.


Security and exclusivity are of the paramount importance at Al Kaltham Business Park and all areas have been strategically designed with this in mind, in particular relating to all entrance and access areas. The private and restricted lobby area is exclusively accessible to tenants' personal; only invited guests will share this privilege.

Other notable highlights of the sophisticated security infrastructure include; secure entery to each evaluator with direct link to the Park concierge for further security and visitor verification, discreet CCTV system and vehicle access control.


to cater to your professional needs, we have installed an extensive fiber optics network that facilitates communication and keeps you connected with all other companies and organizations locally and internationally, enabling you to work easily and quickly.


Al Kaltham Business Park also provides technical services as well as comprehensive range of interior and exterior cleaning and janitorial services using the latest tool equipment. In addition, maintenance services are provided round the clock at the hand of team of specialists with required skills and knowhow. To guarantee you peace of mind, the team is always ready to offer you the best solutions and fix any possible problem.

Surround yourself with truly green environment

Stay connected with green environment in and outside of the building. Surround yourself with views of your exclusive landscaped lawns and garden terrace and experience working at an eco-frindly building.

Brief information
  • Flexible core & shell spaces

  • Grade a quality

  • Safety system: fire alarms, smoke and heat detectors, automatic sprinkler system, emergency lighting

  • Efficient and cost effective central cooling system

  • Electrical fitting and connectivityPlumping fitting and connectivity

  • Facilities management

  • Utilities including central cooling system and emergency power

  • 24 hours security with CCTV survellance - Fit- out technical consultation

  • Parking

  • Conference and meeting facilities

  • Catering services